Is this you?

You want a successful business but you don't know how to price your services, sell your services, or even where to find customers. Add to that the ongoing changes in the Chat Marketing space and the difficulty to get the support you need. And no matter what other people tell you what to charge or how to position your services, you don't have the confidence to ask for the sale or for the money you deserve.

To make matters worse you are worried you will not be able to deliver what you promise and fear you will disappoint your customers and yourself (are you good enough?) all the while you feel alone and don't have anyone to ask for advice because no one around you understands how you can get paid "playing on Facebook™️ all day"

This was me for so long after I started my business 10 years ago, so I know how you feel.  But I have since learned that continued education, support, and mentorship helps businesses stand apart from their competition. 

So you have a choice: Are you going to continue to spin your wheels, waste time scouring the internet for answers and charge too little, praying low prices will help you land a client with low expectations and feeling let down and left out while other marketers pass you by, OR are you going to let me help you?

What do I get?

  • Monthly Dedicated Training

    Expand your learning, grow as a business and as a marketer in these monthly training. Training sessions are not just for Messenger Marketers. We will focus on Chat Marketing, Advertising, Client acquisition, Mindset, and more. Every month will feature a new topic and even some guest trainers.

  • Open Office Hours

    Get answers to your questipns, help with your Chatbot builds, and tackle anything that gets in your way! Join one of the bi-weekly office hour calls and get the attention you need to thrive in 2021 and beyond! During office hours you will have Kelly’s brain on speed dial!

  • Dedicated Private Community

    Get access to a custom private community where you can ask questions, get bonus resources, and connect with other like-minded professionals.

  • Mindset Calls

    I truly believe one of the main ingredients of success is your mindset. Join in on monthly mindset calls and let's bust through those issues holding you back!

  • Resource Library

    Get instant access to my resource library full of guides, ebooks, checklists, case studies, and recommended reading to help you level up.

  • Members Only Podcast

    Get inspired, stay motivated, and get insider ideas and tips in the Members-only podcast.


See what is on deck for the monthly trainings

February 2021: 

Protect Your Assets: The 411 on Licensing Your Chatbots with Angela Allan

Bots After Lunch: psych your subscribers into submission with Trice Jiron

March 2021:

Client Onboarding with Yvi Heimann

April 2021:

CBD Marketing on Facebook with Kendra Losee

May 2021:

Amazon Sellers Marketing Masterclass with Joshua Porter

June 2021:

Copywriting for Chat Marketers with Faye Pooley

July 2021:

Instagram Marketing and Strategy with Jenn Herman

August 2021:

Facebook and Instagram ads with Amanda Robinson

More to come...

This is not a course. This is an interactive program that will change the way you do business.

Get started now


  • When are the calls?

    Calls will be scheduled a month in advance and will vary but generally will land on Monday-Friday between the hours of 8 AM- 5 PM PST in most cases.

  • What if I miss a call?

    You are not required to attend all the calls but there will not be a refund for any calls you do not make. All calls are recorded and the video & audio will be added to the member's area.

  • I already have BGB Beginners Course, can I get credit??

    We will not credit you for already having this resource. The value of this program is in the mentorship. Everything else is a bonus.

  • Is this a course?

    NO. This is not a course. While you do get access to the recordings, the value of this program is the live calls and interaction you get with the instructors and coaches. This is interactive. You will get tons of benefits if you take the time to join in on the conversations.

  • What if I am located in another country

    I have members all over the world. Because of the different timezones, I do make an effort to schedule calls throughout the month at different times to make sure everyone gets a chance to participate. I also record all the calls and training for review later.

Invest in yourself & your business

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What people are saying about working with Kelly

Laura Raghunathan

Totally ROCK STAR!!!!

Laura Raghunathan

Working with Kelly was FANTASTIC!!!! Totally ROCK STAR!!!! She was able to answer ALL my questions that I had and explained it in an easy format for me to understand.
Jenna Maloney

so incredibly helpful I could seriously cry.

Jenna Maloney

Working with Kelly was inspiring as usual! She was able to get me out of a creative rut and help me plan out a successful future for my agency. I found the agency info to be so incredibly helpful I could seriously cry.
Ruheene Jaura

Exactly the boost I needed

Ruheene Jaura

Working with Kelly was amazing, and truly beneficial to my business. Not to mention fun! She was able to get me unstuck on so many different levels and gave me exactly the boost I needed to go into the new year with clarity and confidence.
Jeana DeShazer

Working with Kelly was amazing

Jeana DeShazer

Working with Kelly was amazing. She was able to clarify areas that were muddy in my mind before. (Such as compliance)